Volume 1 - Issue 1- 2020

De Jure Nexus Law Journal (ISSN NO. 2582-7782)

Sedition Laws by Anushka Rai

Right to Health and Miscarriage By Nida Khatri

Enigma of Women's rights in International Law By Nida Khatri

Hate Speech in the World of Internet Intermediary and their Real World Analogues By Shivam Pandey

Air Pollution Control Legislation in India and Rights and Duties With Respect To Air Pollution By Daksha Chimote

Ethical and Legal Aspect of Surrogate Motherhood By Vartika Rungta

Laws and Benefits to Mentally Ill & Mentally Disabled Human Beings By Anushka Rai

Effect of Hostile Witness on the Administration of Criminal Justice System in India By Rohit Raj

Development of IPR Laws in 21st Century By Niyati Singh

Development of Laws to Protect Women in India By Rahul Chachan

Constitutional Validity of Marital Rape in India with respect to section 375 of IPC By Jaya Jha

Transgender Bill By Neha Jasuja

Cyber Crime- How it Impacts Young Adults By Monika Gupta

Copyright Laws on Internet By Pranjali Pandya

Social Security of Interstate Migrant Building and other ConstructionWorkers in India By Vartika Rungta

Corporate Social Responsibility By Lavanya Guttula

The International Criminal Court as a Court By Rohit Raj Chittigala

Legal Control Mechanism For Protection & Preservation Of Marine Environment By Saloni Jaiman

Disputes & Violation In the Age of Advertisements & Marketing By Aditi Chauhan

A Merger Strategy and a Corporate Acquisition- A Critical Study By Disha Agarwal

Hazardous Waste Management By Rahul Chachan

Right To Self Determination By Hitashi Bansal

Prisoner's Right By Kashish Ali

A Critical Study of Judicial Inroad into Seperate Legal Personality of Company By Pritish Kumar Pattnaik

Environmental Protection under Constitutional Framework of India By Niyati Singh

Constitutional Provisions Relating to the Rights of Accused in the Context of Criminal Jurisprudence in India By Pratik Singh

Narco Analysis By Abhinav Chauhan

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