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“Education for you and me will make a better world tomorrow”

“You cannot live without the lawyers, and certainly you cannot die without them”

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De Jure Nexus Law- A Double Blind Peer Review Journal (ISSN No-2582-7782) is a Virtual Legal Synergetic Platform for every scholar/learner/student/advocates to showcase their skill and abilities through blogs, articles, internships, campus ambassadors and many more to help them become better lawyers.
Our mission is to help you towards a positive future by enduring excellence.
With conjoint being our vision, we aim at leading the way ahead through experience, creativity and results.

“Education for you and me will make a better world tomorrow.” An educated person is not worth the candle if he does not contribute to the growth of the society of large. De Jure Nexus is our little step forward to share and gain more knowledge in the field of Law. We believe in Virtues that add up to create a responsible person and to ensure safe haven for the mankind. As we aim to the topics of Socio-legal, socio-economic or any other multidisciplinary issues, we accept the manuscripts and blog posts for the same too. We provide workshops, internships, and campus ambassador programmes at every level to magnify the legal knowledge of the individuals at large. As we intend and work for the legal awareness for the legal awareness of the public, we provide practical updates on Law. We diligently invite people to share their research on various contemporary issues of Law. We endeavour to keep this website user friendly and open for all. This website shall be for all those who aspire to learn, to grow and to diversify their knowledge in the Legal world, since it is important for a beginner in Law as they are in the middle of their career or even someone at their zenith. De Jure Nexus is a sincere attempt by us to promote and pervade the skills of observation and analysis.

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